Laminate Flooring – Pros and Cons

Sweden has been credited with the invention of laminate flooring, and in 1984, a company called Pergo brought their worry-free laminate flooring to the European market from where it spread all over the world with its practicality and affordability.

Let’s see if laminate flooring is the right option for your home:


1. Cost

Laminate is definitely the most affordable when put against hardwood or engineered.  Keep in mind, there are various qualities of laminate that will affect the price.

2. Easy Clean up for Spills

Laminate is resistant to surface spills, provided the spills are immediately cleaned up.

3. Installation

One of the more user-friendly floorings, installation can be done fairly quickly.  Ensure the floor is clean of any debris, choose a suitable underlayment. Prices can vary depending on the quality. This helps as a moisture barrier, helping keep your floors dry. Some premium underlayment options claim to help with noise, mold, and mildew.

4. Laminate Floor Care

Another easy floor for cleaning, laminate simply needs to be swept once per week with a soft broom and/or you can use the hard-floor option on your vacuum once per week. For a deeper clean, use a microfibre mob with a product meant for laminate floors. Be sure to strictly follow the directions for the best and safest results for your laminate. NEVER wet mop your floor. Home Depot carries several different options of laminate floor cleaners or ask for recommendations by a Rexwood staff.


1. Excessive Moisture

Excessive water from flooding or high moisture content in the air can cause buckling or warping. This can also lead to mold and mildew concerns.

2. Left-on Spills

If spills are not cleaned up quickly, they can cause bubbling in the surface of the board.

3. Fading

Over the years your laminate flooring can fade. This can be certainly more noticeable near windows. You can adjust the amount of light coming in with shades to help reduce the fading.

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