What Hardwood Colour is Best for Resale?

The quick answer to this answer is to stain your floors with a darker stain for best resale results. There is no one right choice but sticking with the more traditional dark stains is a smart option. The popularity of the rich dark flooring colours continues to draw the eye of buyers in today’s market. Whether hardwood, laminate flooring or engineered hardwood the answer to the colour question for resale remains the same.

Mahogany, walnut, or cherry are great options in wood to create a visually attractive flooring. If you want to go for the darkest shades of ebony, oak or teak are the right wood. Those dark stained hardwood floors give a sense of age and warmth. It can make a remarkable impression upon the buyer.

Do keep in mind However, busy families may find deep dark floor challenging to keep clean and marks will show more prominently the darker you go. Picking a colour that is easy to care for is just as important as the styling to attract your buyers.

Now let’s talk other colour options for resale…

Light Wood Flooring
Light Wood Flooring with sunlight streaming in, creating an inviting setting

The Lighter Floor Colours

Lighter floors make spaces appear larger and brighter. Colourful furniture pops, artwork on the walls draw you in and a sense of space that welcomes natural light. Some buyers will appreciate the lighter floors from the look to the maintenance perspective.


Whitewash Flooring with blue accents
Whitewash Flooring with blue accents and minimal furnishings.

Whitewash Flooring

For some coastal vibe, whitewashed flooring can be the perfect alternative for the right home. Its washed out look provides the space with a sense of airiness and openness. Wonderful for a cottage or beach house or perhaps to brighten up a small space.

Perhaps not the most pet friendly of colours as it will show every paw print, but this unique floor design can convey a dramatic statement in a home.

Whitewashed flooring is a pillar of Scandinavian design, and it can show brilliantly in the right space.

Trending Hardwood Floor Colours

Yes, even in floors there are colour trends. There are floor trends that carry over in popularity for a few years or some that die off quickly. Most of us want practical, well made, stylish designs at an affordable price.

In the last few years, grey is the new black. Dark greys, light greys, smoky greys. The smoky colours that create a more subdued look and perhaps more versatile are another colour consideration. The smoky tones seem to be rising in popularity. Read up, speak with a hardwood flooring specialist in your area to discover what is trending and maybe what is not.

Final Thought for Flooring Colour and Resale

Remember, if this is your home and if you will be residing here for a while, have the floor that you love the most. Whatever the colour may be, you never know what may be trending in time. Let us know what colour flooring you had when you sold your home. Did you get lots of positive feedback about your floors? Most importantly, enjoy your space!

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